What does Posé Posê mean and who is behind our cool logo.


Posé Posê is inspired by a playful use of words and sounds. It symbolizes creativity, playfulness and openness.

This post is to explain our thoughts behind the name and our logo made by amazing studio Oh Ja.


When we thought about the name for our little brand we analyzed so many possibilities. Should it be something in english, danish? Maybe in polish? We even tried to check latin…

In general, we knew we were looking for a name that sounds nice and can be universal. Something which sound gives you a nice feeling and most of all, a name that is open for interpretations also when it comes to how to pronounce it.


While reading a list of all possible names we looked at Pose and thought “What if we call our brand Pose Pose”? Bingo!

Of course, that wasn’t the end of the process, we needed to give our name the right twist. It was important for us that the name marks the cosmopolitan feel and that the e’s are not silent. So we got this idea to add diacritical signs from two different languages above e’s to mark that Posé Posê doesn’t come from any specific place, just like us coming from two different cultures and yet creating something great together.


So we got the name now we just needed a logo and for this we had no doubts who would do it best. Our friends from a graphic design studio Oh Ja, Signe and Louise got it right for us.

For the logotype they have chosen sans serif with high contrast between thick and thin strokes which gave it a bit quirky and untraditional look. Their idea was to make it look elegant and classy without being too pretentious or fashion’y. Using thick and thin strokes leaves room for a lot of playfulness allowing the logotype to be used in different ways, combined with different colors and elements.

Photo:  Oh Ja

Photo: Oh Ja


The girls from Oh Ja made various versions of the logo using 8 different lowercase e’s that makes for endless combination in the way the name can be written. This is shown in the GIF and you can also see it in our website Logo, how great is that?

The eight diacritical signs are also perfect as a fifth element with their different clean and simple shapes
— Signe and Louise, Oh Ja

Oh Ja also designed our labels, business cards and hand tags attached to our rugs and cushions. We are especially big fans of the hand tags that are playful, colorful and practical.


To sum up, once again we just love our Posé Posê logo Oh Ja created for us. It is minimalistic yet full of character and is just perfect for what Posé Posê stands for!

Oh, and if you are wondering how to pronounce Posé Posê, just use your imagination. :-)

Martyna Golik